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About Us

Lexylicious is the ultimate treat for you and your guests.

Lexylicious is a unique woman-owned business by Bridget Bergin that offers a delightful combination of two of the best desserts - ice cream and sandwiches. Our ice cream sandwiches have been a hit at various festivals, special events, and community gatherings across NJ. We are excited to announce that our cafe location is now open in the heart of Columbus, NJ, serving delicious ice cream and hosting special events. Come and indulge in our sweet treats!


Meet Bridget

Meet Bridget, owner of Lexylicious. As a mom, she loves seeing the sparkle and excitement in her kiddo's eyes when they hear an ice cream truck coming through the neighborhood. So, at Lexylicious, she has created a vibe that blends the youthful excitement of the ice cream truck with the wonder and uniqueness of a special event.

Bridget Bergin is an established entrepreneur, she has been praised in the press as a beauty expert in Health Magazine, Shape, Huffington Post, and more. As an entrepreneur, she loves providing unique experiences and opportunities for her clientele. After owning multiple salons and creating her own beauty product line, she decided she wanted to venture into the realm of delicious treats.


Our ice cream sandwich truck will come right to your event and provide our unique menu of ice cream sandwiches just for you and your guests!

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