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What a year it has been!

We started this year more booked than we’ve ever been just to soon after cancel out two whole months of events. Trying to think of ways to keep it going, our ice cream sandwich kits completely took off and we were able to brighten up so many days during quarantine 💖 Switching from parties of hundreds of guests to socially distant parades was a huge change! We were able to donate over 3,000 cookies to our local hospitals for the healthcare workers going day and night 💕 we were also able to donate 300 meals for Thanksgiving to families who needed it most 💕 We researched and changed all of our supplies to all to items made here in the USA 🇺🇸 we did sell our store front in Point Pleasant but don’t worry we’re working on reopening in a space where we can park our trucks and is a perfect home for us 💘 now that the Thanksgiving to Christmas madness is over we will be taking a little New Years break! I am so grateful that we have MADE it through 2020 and am looking forward to what 2021 has in store for us. Hopefully many celebrations, health, happiness, LOTS of ice cream, and maybe even a new store front! 💕💘


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